Charities & Organisations We Support

We strongly believe in giving back to the local community where we live and call home & have a passion for supporting organisations that help people that are less fortunate than ourselves, improving their quality of life. We also like to support charity organisations that help animals & the environment.

Every year we donate to many charitable organisations in & around Hua Hin, as well as other provinces of Thailand, if the organisation is reputable & supports a cause that we feel matches with our own ideals & values.

Below are some of the organisations we support by either donating regularly to them financially or spending our own time helping them in ways they require. Click on an image below to view more information about the organisation as well as links to their own websites.

The Beaumont Partnership Foundation | Charity work in Hua Hin | Orchid Palm Homes

The Beaumont Partnership Foundation

Rotary of Royal Hua Hin | Charity work in Hua Hin | Orchid Palm Homes

Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin

Jungle Aid Foundation | Charity work in Hua Hin | Orchid Palm Homes

Jungle Aid Foundation

Black Mountain Hua Hin Football Academy

Hua Hin Football Academy

As well as the registered charities we support, we also donate to a great many other causes that don’t have official charity status but are still helping things that are close to our hearts. Some of the local areas we help in are: –

  • Schools in Tab Tai
  • Local Sport Teams & Events (local football teams & Muay Thai gyms)
  • Elephant Rescue Park – Chiang Mai
  • Hua Hin Police Foundation
  • Hua Hin Temple